ZIA Triple C Concealer

Sempurnakan cantikmu dengan Zia Triple C Concealer. Memiliki bahan aktif yang mampu menghambat pembentukan kerutan, dan mengurangi munculnya garis halus dan sesuaikan cantikmu dengan 4 varian warna


ZIA Hypematte Lip Cream

Dengan 6 variant warna yang cerah, zia hype matte lip cream akan mampu membuat bibir menjadi cerah optimal dan masimal disetiap suasana dan mampu menjaga kelembapan bibir secara alami karena mengandung vitamin E.


Snow Cream

Rp 78.300



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Aside from giving your skin instant whitening effect in every appliance, Snow Cream also contain Bear Berry Extract and Licorice Extract that will give you a long term brightening effect for your skin.

So not only it can be used as base make-up primer, CC Cream or body lotion but also daily skincare too.

With the anti-oxidant properties of the extracts, Snow Cream will eliminate your dull skin and even hydrate and moisturize every inch of your skin, from head to toe. It is buildable, so if you need more perfections, you can apply more layers on top of it.

This magic cream is even suitable for sensitive skin.

After your skincare regimen, apply Snow Cream gently over your face or your body.

Apply more layers if you want to have a lighter skin.

Alpha Arbutin, Licorice Extract