ZIA Triple C Concealer

Sempurnakan cantikmu dengan Zia Triple C Concealer. Memiliki bahan aktif yang mampu menghambat pembentukan kerutan, dan mengurangi munculnya garis halus dan sesuaikan cantikmu dengan 4 varian warna


ZIA Hypematte Lip Cream

Dengan 6 variant warna yang cerah, zia hype matte lip cream akan mampu membuat bibir menjadi cerah optimal dan masimal disetiap suasana dan mampu menjaga kelembapan bibir secara alami karena mengandung vitamin E.

01 Beige
02 Pink

Dewy BB Cushion

Rp 165.000




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Get flawless coverage and photo ready skin with Dewy BB Cushion.

It has medium coverage with dewy finish that doesn't make your skin feeling too oily.

Packed with Black Currant Extract, Raspberry Extract and Vitamin C, ensuring you to have abundant anti-oxidant to moisturize your skin, brighten your skin and maintain the rejuvenation process of your skin.

Furthermore, Dewy BB Cushion also contained with Squalane Oil that can help to regulate excess oil production on your skin, soothe your skin, and also keeping bacteria away from your skin.

You don't have to worry about the scary UV rays, because ZIA understands and has formulated UV protection ingredients to this BB Cushion, so your skin will be well protected during your activities.

So you don't have to feel guilty wearing make up with ZIA Dewy BB Cushion, because it's not just a make up, but also a skincare.

Gently press the puff provided into the sponge and pat the cream lightly onto the skin, starting from the center your face and slowly moving outward.

You can easily build the coverage as you go, and it's easy to touch-up throughout the day.

Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Ascorbic Acid, Squalane, Rubus Idaeus Leaf Extract, Ribes Ningrum Leaf Extract