1. It’s possible to use another carrier other than the ones we cooperate with as long as there’s an agreement.
2. We will wrap your order with box and bubble wrap to minimize the impact.
3. We will deliver your order after payment is complete.
4. Shipment number will be informed after the product is sent.
5. We don’t take any responsibility if the product is already in a carrier.
6. We don’t ship to P.O. Box address.
7. We don’t take any responsibility if we received a wrong address. Therefore customer has to input accurate information such as full name, address, post code and telephone number.
8. It’s possible to change your product if we didn’t put the right address or there’s a failure due to carrier selection in the previous agreement.


1.  It’s possible the shipment cost will be more expensive due to the product weight.
2.  Shipment cost will be recalculated.
3.  Shipment cost will follow Zia Skin Care’s carrier partner rules.
4.  Call Zia Skin Care administration if the shipment cost is too expensive.
5.  We will recalculate the shipment cost if there is an overpayment.
6.  Promo (terms and conditions may apply).



1. Once the order is made, you have to contact our Customer Service to cancel the order.
2. However, cancellation cannot be done if the products are shipped.
3. If the product is suddenly unavailable, we will inform you and you can do the cancellation. We will return your payment if you are not interested in other products.
4. We will return your payment with the same payment method you made.


1. We will return the payment via transfer or exchange the defective product with other products if it’s verified that there’s defective in manufacture.
2. Return the product with the original package just like when you received it.
3. Exchange product is depending on supply. You can exchange with the same price or higher price product. If you exchange with a more expensive product, you have to pay the price gap. But if it’s cheaper, the price gap is not redeemable for cash. 


1. We only receive exchange products within 7 days with a confirmation.
2. A guarantee is not valid if the exchange product isn’t in original package.


1. Before you exchange the product, you have to make a confirmation via live chat or other media so we can process your request. Follow the next instruction from our customer support.
2. We will contact you after verification process and you can send the product alongside exchange form and purchase invoice. Download the form here.
3. You have to return the products in 14 days starting from the day you received the product.
4. We will return your payment in five days starting from the day we received your products.
1. Zia Skin Care has the right to decide final decision of exchange process with consideration and policy.
2. Zia Skin Care has the right to change the policy anytime.


We guarantee that:
1. We send the product without any damage and based on order quantity.
2. We will work hard with maximum effort to make sure we send a good quality product.
3. We may need your help to repair your broken product with a quick information about it, including:
   - Specific detail about why you consider the product is broken or has any weakness
   - Shipment number and other information we may need
4. If you want to return a broken product according to the return clause, we will examine it first to make sure if:
   - There’s an inappropriate usage or the condition is not normal.
   - Involved in some accident caused by modification or unsuccessful repair.
   - Treated poorly, opposite to our recommendation


If cancellation is made, either by you or us, through written notice in the event of unexpected situation within two working days; you or we will not be responsible for the cancellation. Unless, you have paid for the product but we have not received the return.


ZIA Skin Care offers international shipment. We will take care of your needs. Please look at the store locator to know our shipment destination. 


Shop in the store locator and choose the country, input products you want inside the cart. For checkout, all of your order will be shown in the currency of destination country. It’s guaranteed that the amount will be set according to your order location.


For now, we receive Visa, MasterCard/Debit Card and JCB.
An invoice has to be exact like your credit card report.
If each number is different, your order cannot be processed. Please make sure to spell the right province/city and avoid using the abbreviation, except if that’s the correct information appear in your report.
If you already placed an online order, you can see the information on “My Account” page from the website. If you cannot see your order, you must go back to the cart and finish the Checkout process.


ZIA Skin Care verifies and reviews all types of payment method. We have the right to refuse transaction process, purchase or shipment due to fraud assumption or illegal activity.


Customer must pay the actual shipment cost, which varies depending on country destination and product size.

For more information, please contact our Support.


If the customer has already paid the shipment cost, it’s not possible to return the order.
Step 1 : Fill the form in the package sheet.
Step 2 : Contact our Support.
Step 3 : Print your address, including information we need and the form clearly.
Step 4 : Put your order in the original package. If it’s not the one from us, you may use a solid box or envelope to avoid any damage. Follow the instruction given by Customer Service.

We only receive the returned product within 60 days from the purchase date
(Please contact our Support to follow the procedure)