Everyone has beauty, but not everybody can see it. -Confucius-



Zia is an Arabic name for both boys and girls, which means light. Taking the meaning of the name, Zia wants to be the light of beauty for everyone. We believe everyone has their own standard of beauty and we value the diversity people own.


With that in mind, Zia wants to help everyone to enhance their beauty by educating them how to take care of our skin, maintaining beauty and health altogether. We provide free Live Online Consultation to give the right solution for their skin problems.


Nature + Technology + Innovation = ZIA SKIN CARE

Aside from the education and service, with the technology of our Research and Development department, we make sure the products we produce are safe to use, effective and quality-controlled.


Rather than just giving empty products and relying on suggestion, we really take care of every single products we produce. Instead of claiming the pure nature, we see that combining new technology of safe chemistry with nature resources can boost up the positive effect they leave on skin, making sure we can properly treat skin problems that fit for variety of skin.